From the city of Moscow in Russia to the city of Bukhara in Bactria in 1558

The staff of the Coordination and Methodological Center B. Aminov and A. Zamonov translated the work “From the City of Moscow in Russia to the City of Bukhara in Bactria in 1558” into the Uzbek language.

Antony Jenkinson is an English nobleman, ancestor of the kind of lords of Liverpool, merchant, diplomat and traveler, the first plenipotentiary ambassador of England in Russia. He visited Russia four times, from 1557 to 1571, as an ambassador of British princes and representative of a Moscow company founded by London merchants in 1555. Accordingly, in 1558-1559 the trip of Antony Jenkinson to Bukhara was organized.

After each trip, Antony Jenkinson wrote books. Admired, indignant, surprised, told. As is clear from the description of the journey, Jenkinson used his stay in Central Asia and to collect information about the routes leading to China. As for Bukhara and the whole of Central Asia, he did not exaggerate the possibilities of trade ties with it, given the existence of an incessant and disastrous internecine struggle of local feudal rulers. From this point of view, the data reported by Jenkinson are of interest for studying the general history of Central Asia, the Bukhara possessions in particular.