Uzbek-Korean Scientific Forum

On July 6, an Uzbek-Korean scientific forum was held in Tashkent, which was devoted to political, economic, cultural cooperation between the two countries. Also, the speakers touched upon a wider range of issues of regional interaction of Central Asian countries with each other, as well as with the Republic of Korea.

This event was organized by the Graduate School of International Relations of the University of Hanyan (South Korea), as well as the Coordination and Methodological Center for the Newest History of Uzbekistan. The co-organizers were the Institute of History, Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Asia-Pacific Research Center at Hanyang University.

The forum was divided into three sessions, during which experts discussed issues of economy and security, development of logistics and tourism between Korea and Central Asian countries. The event also heard presentations by Professor Gregory Gleason from the University of New Mexico (USA), Director of the Asia-Pacific Research Center at the University of Hanyan Guo Yong. The Director of the Center, Mikhail A. Rakhimov, in his report elaborated on the regional cooperation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, both with the countries of Central Asia and with the leading world powers. Center staff – G. Yuldasheva, V.Paramonov also made their reports.