Acting Director
Sagdullaev Kozimkhon Kahramonovich

Kozimkhon Kahramonovich was received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy on cultural science in 2018, after defending dissertation on the topic “Theatre and Media as a communication system” in the specialty 17.00.08.- “Theory and history of art”. Sphere of scientific interests- modern art culture of Uzbekistan, art media, media communication, World War II. Author of two monographs “Theatre and mass media as a communication system” (in uzbek language), “Theater journalism today: questions and practice”, more than 50 articles and thesis, published in Uzbekistan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Austria, France, Poland, Czech Republic, USA, Canada. In 2018 became co-author of textbook “New history of Uzbekistan” in russian language. Participated in international scientific conferences, particularly, in international symposium “UCAWE-2012” (Russia), in international program “New generation” (Moscow, 2025). And also, in 2019 he carried out internship “Current condition and prospects for the development of scientific and innovative activities in the Republic of Belorussia” at the Republican institute of higher education” of the Republic of Belorus.

Acting Deputy Director - Abdimuminov Oybek Bektemirovich 

Doctor philosophy