Public council

The Council is acting on a voluntary basis as a scientific and coordination, advisory interdepartmental body formed to promote the effectiveness of research and teaching of the newest history of Uzbekistan, the quality of scientific, educational and methodological literature, and spiritual and educational work in this field.

The main tasks of the Public Council are:

coordination of works on the organization of a systematic study of the modern history of Uzbekistan, based on modern theoretical and methodological approaches and interdisciplinarity, the principles of historicism and objectivity, the development of urgent problems in studying the newest history of Uzbekistan, as well as the prevention of unilateral approaches, dogmatism in assessing the historical past and present Uzbek people, which has a great historical and cultural heritage and has made a great contribution to the development of world civilization;

deep study and disclosure of the essence and content of the “Uzbek model” of the formation of a democratic law-based state and civil society, large-scale works to preserve stability, interethnic harmony and religious tolerance in society, the role and place of Uzbekistan in the modern world;

coordination of works on the preparation and publication of scientific, educational, educational and methodological literature of the new generation, ensuring the consideration of the newest history of Uzbekistan in their inseparable connection with the world and regional processes, as well as with the historical and cultural heritage of civilizations of peoples and states formed in the territory of modern Uzbekistan

monitoring of scientific and educational methodical literature, curricula on the history of Uzbekistan, development and implementation of proposals for improving the quality of research, teaching and methodological work in this field; assistance in improving the effectiveness of spiritual and educational work, including in the media, aimed at the formation of historical memory, national self-awareness, high spirituality, respect for historical traditions, the cultural heritage of the people, understanding of the historical significance of the country’s gaining independence;

implementation of systemic measures aimed at studying modern foreign scientific and educational literature on the history of Uzbekistan, bringing to the broad international public objective information about the historical past, socio-economic and socio-political development of modern Uzbekistan, on democratic reforms in the country.