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Uzbekistan: Contemporary History Issues. Interdisciplinary academic journal

Republican interdisciplinary scientific theoretical journal “Uzbekistan: Contemporary History Issues” (ISSN 2181-8231).

The founders of the scientific- theoretical journal “Uzbekistan: Contemporary History Issues” are the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Ministry of higher and secondary special education, and the Ministry of national education.

The journal has been published since 2018, registered on August 29, 2017 by the Agency of Information and Communication of the Republic of Uzbekistan (certificate No. 0848).

The journal “Uzbekistan: contemporary history Issues”

is published twice a year. Articles are reviewed by members of the editorial board based on scientific criteria (novelty, topicality, etc.), as well as the editorial policy of the journal.

Editing languages: Uzbek, Russian and English.

Purpose and aim of the journal. To provide necessary scientific and methodological assistance to researchers, teachers and students in the study of the contemporary History of Uzbekistan by publishing analytical materials on historical events and processes, their essence and significance, by covering the international experience in the study of Contemporary History on the pages of the journal. In addition, the information published in the journal will provide readers with deep and truthful knowledge about the history of our country.

Specialty. The journal publishes the results of original, fundamental, and theoretical and applied research in the field of history and other human and social sciences, if they explore their problems via interpretation of the current issues of the socio-political development of Uzbekistan and foreign countries in the XX-XXI centuries. The journal will also publish reviews of monographs and articles, assessments of the outcomes of international conferences and seminars, book reviews and essays.


Rakhimov Mirzokhid Akramovich

Date of birth: July 13, 1974.

Place of birth: Nurota town

Direction: History, International Relations

Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor,

Head of the Social-humanitarian branch of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan (2017 – up to date) Director of the Coordination and Methodological Center for the Uzbekistan’s Contemporary History at the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

He graduated from the Navoiy State Pedagogical Institute in 1996.

Author of more than 160 scientific works, including 20 monographs.

Prepared 1 Candidate of Science, 1 PhD.

Appointed on August 7, 2017 at the meeting of the journal Founders.

Address: 100060, Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Shakhrisabz str., 5
Telephone: (+998-71) 233-37-01
E-mail: uzconhistory@academy.uz
Web-site: tmarkaz.uz/?page_id=731&lang=en


Articles for publication are accepted in three languages ​​- Uzbek, Russian and English. They must meet the following requirements:

1. The article should be at least 12 pages (review articles – up to 20 pages) of the computer text typed in a Microsoft Word or RTF text editor, printed at 1-interval, Times New Roman font, and size 12. Fields above and below 2 cm, left 3 cm, 1.5 cm to the right, 1.25 cm indent. The pages are numbered with a single numbering, including tables, figures and literature. Tables and pictures (black and white) are placed inside the text.

2. Authors should submit to the editors of the journal 1 copy of the article in hard copy and 1 in electronic form or by e-mail, indicating the authors and the title of the article. The manuscript should be signed by all authors and presented in a complete form: the article itself, reviews of the article by external and internal reviewers (1 copy each).

3. The order of the article: title of an article; academic degree, initials and names of authors; name of the institution (s); e-mail of a contact person of one of the authors; abstract (250-300 words) and keywords in Uzbek, Russian and English; the text of the article (should include an Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Conclusion); a list of references (designed in the APA style).

4. Articles are accepted at the address: Tashkent, Shakhrisabzskaya Street, 1-passage, 5, 8th floor. Phone: (+99871) 233-37-01. Email: uzconhistory@academy.uz

Publications in the journal must meet the basic criteria for all scientific publications. To this end, it is necessary that

– the theme is relevant and applied;

– the review of the latest theoretical approaches on the research topic is presented;

– the author’s own approach on specific theoretical disputes is provided;

– the theoretical review is concluded with specific research questions to which the study is intended to answer;

– the article contains the author’s own hypothesis;

– the research methodology used by the author is clearly defined and justified;

– description of the context of the problem does not go beyond the bounds of the proposed hypothesis;

– not only the characteristic (what kind of) is presented, but also the reason (why?) of the phenomena/processes under study is displayed;

– the article contains data that will help answer your research questions;

– the sources used are quite reliable and valid;

– the article contains, if necessary, the latest statistics of national and international organizations;

– the study is notable for its real novelty.

The authors of the reviews should analyze the scientific research by the following criteria: the degree of relevance, methodology, logic of the chosen structure, the provability of the main thesis, the reliability of data and conclusions, etc.

Some methodical advices and useful literature on writing scientific articles can be found on the Center’s website (http://www.tmarkaz.uz).